Refund Policy

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds. If we have 24 hours notice we are more than happy to help you reschedule to a later date and time slot.

Age Requirements & Ticket Purchases for Children

There are no limitations on the age of our players to play the game. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult inside the room. There must be at least one adult in the room with the rest of the group. We find that children under the age of 12 may have trouble comprehending and/or analyzing our puzzles, clues and general game play. The Christmas room is definitely for all ages, the Serial Killer room we truly feel 12 and above should be the ages that play.

For every paid ticket, one child 8 or younger may play for free.  Here are some common scenarios:

1 adult brings two kids 8 and under – this group of 3 would need to purchase two total tickets.

2 adults bring two kids 8 and under – this group of 4 would need to purchase two total tickets.

2 adults bring three kids 8 and under – this group of 5 would need to purchase three total tickets. (2 adults buy tickets, that gives two children 8 or under their entry, so there is one more in the group that hasn’t paid and doesn’t fall under the free child policy, so a ticket would be needed for that child)

2 adults bring four kids 8 and under – this group of 6 would need to purchase three total tickets (2 adults buy tickets, that give two children 8 or under their entry, the third ticket purchased then comes with another free child 8 and under admission)

1 adult brings seven kids that are all 8 and under – this group of 8 would purchase 4 tickets (each paid ticket comes with a free child 8 or under)

Game Play

All items located in our game room are not necessarily clues or involved in the game. Some items are decoration and ambiance. Please be gentle with our props and puzzles. Excessive force is not needed to open anything. We want to ensure that nothing be broken or damaged within the game. Moving of heavy objects or furniture is not needed. There is no need to stand or climb on furniture.

Players will work together as a cohesive unit to escape the room. This is a social game and we encourage team members to communicate, brainstorm and put your heads together to solve the mission.

Trying to make Leader-Board? To make the leader-board a few restrictions apply. It has to be everyone’s first time playing the room, you have to use 0-3 clues. We ask you to please respect the game and play the game as it is designed so no looking at your phones or leaving the room and coming back in during a leaderboard run. Can you and your team make it out fast enough to make Leader-Board?

Any other special requests that we can accommodate for you can be directed to the contact us section and we will have a solution for you soon.



Arrival Time

We strongly urge our gamers to please arrive 10 min prior to your scheduled appointment time. This is to ensure that we go over the rules and regulations, take care of payment, use the restrooms and have an opportunity to take pictures if so desired.

If you arrive late you may still play the game but keep in mind that you only have the remaining time left on the time slot that you booked. We have to stay on schedule so that our future guests can play at their scheduled time slot. If you show up 10 minutes late then you will only have 50 minutes to solve the game instead of 60.

We do not allow anyone intoxicated or otherwise impaired to enter the rooms, and there is no refund if the group decides to leave after one or more members is not permitted to play.

Walk Ins

We highly recommend that you book your experience online to reserve a time slot for you and your group. If we are already in house running a room or waiting for a group to show up, you may book a room on the spot, but we really recommend calling ahead or booking online!